Family Law – Times, Dates and Certification

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January 11, 2017
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December 5, 2017


You have just booked your first appointment with your Family Lawyer.  What documents should you take with you?

  1. A list of names, addresses and contact details – yours, your partner, your partner’s solicitor, your accountant and any other relevant people.
  2. Chronology – This is basically just a list of times, dates and a description of what happened. You will include events like important conversations, when you moved in together, when you separated, purchases, texts, emails, arguments, agreements.  Ideally, start when you first met, and continue until present day.
  3. Marriage Certificate – tempting though it may be to tear it into tiny little pieces, please don’t.You will need to provide a certified copy of it to the Family Court when you apply for your divorce, and although it is relatively easy to replace if you were married in Australia, it can be difficult if you were married overseas.
  4. Children’s birth certificates – if you have them available
  5. Employment details for each of you
  6. Superannuation information for each of you
  7. Certificates of Title to any property that you, or your partner own (if possible)
  8. Bank account statements
  9. Company documents, if you are director, secretary or shareholder of a company
  10. Family Trust information, if relevant – this includes a Trust Deed, current statements \and minutes.
  11. Photos if they are relevant
  12. Details of any benefits or pensions you or your partner may receive
  13. Details of debts and mortgages
  14. Any previous agreements, court information, pleadings, statements.


Don’t forget to take a pen and paper to take notes, and your list of questions.


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